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A Colchester based web writer and an internet enthusiast. 

About Me

Hello, My name is Ellen.

Having graduated the University of Essex for creative writing and traveled the world, I've developed a passion for technology and culture - how the two interact and change each other, how the society changes in the 21st century. 

Currently working as a corporate project manager, I spend my free time looking for new venues for my creativity, as well as nerding out over The Next Big Thing.

Exotic Travelling Destinations And Safety

While more traditional travel destinations are great, you might want to chase a thrill and go to a place that isn't strictly "safe". While you should never place yourself directly in the harm's way, to some people certain risks are worth it. Going off the beaten path can bring you yet unknown experiences, but of course, you should mind the dangers. In this article, we'll look at tips and tricks to make your exotic travels more reliably safe.

Great games that should have a mobile version | Kongbakpao

Gaming has evolved a lot since the early stages when PC and consoles dominated the gaming market. Mobile gaming has gained a lot of popularity over time and mostly due to the fact that we live our lives on the go most of the time. Another factor that helped mobile gaming thrive is the rapid development of fast and competitive mobile games. Even so, there are a lot of top-tier computer or console games that have no mobile version or companion. If you to ask why this is happening, keep reading this article.

Official Institutions Lack Proper Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a hot topic nowadays. In a world where most of the human activities are conducted online, hacker attacks, viruses, and security breaches are no wonder. And the first to be under attack is, of course, governmental structures and state institutions that possess a lot of data they seem to be unable to fully protect. In the recent years, there have been a number of hacker attacks on the major governmental structures of the US. Why does that happen and how can it be prevented?

Competitive Video Games as a Booming Scene

In 2000, esports was still a new word. Yes, video games were played by millions of people worldwide. However, video gaming competitions were held among amateurs on a local level, and could not be considered a worthy investment. Who could have thought that the esports industry would go through the roof and will be growing at 41% per year? How Esports Became What It Is Today The esports industry as it is now is a result of a boom in online gaming in South Korea at the beginning of the 2000s. The

Casual Gaming – What Makes It Different and Worthwhile

This is a Guest Article written by Ellen Royce. Playing is the definition of fun and relaxation. No matter which games we choose to play: single or multiplayer, online or offline, we do it mainly for recreational purposes (with some exceptions). However, with time appeared such terms as “casual” and “hardcore” gaming. While some dedicated people talk about the importance of “core” gaming, we have to ask an opposite question: What exactly is the difference between the two and what makes it worth

Making Movies vs Making Franchises

With the success of the MCU, big studios became obsessed with launching their own big franchise. But is that really healthy for the industry and the audience? A question that many directors seem to forget nowadays is “what is the importance of originality in the success of a movie?”. Well, in a movie world that seems mostly focused on sequels, reboots, prequels and movie franchises, this question does not even seem to exist. And while big studios are focused on creating more and more complex fr

Cybersecurity tips that can save a starting business

Many of the small businesses do not pay sufficient attention to their online security, thinking that there is no way they could be under attack. However, this way of thinking can often get businesses into trouble. You may get direct attacks from competitors, or simply catch a virus or see your personal information leaked. In any case, protection measures are indispensable irrespective of your business size and revenue. If you are thinking of starting your own business or already have a small co

How Will VR Gaming Change Us?

Virtual Reality appears to be the next step for mankind. 2017 has seen a host of major developments that enable a large section of the population to take advantage of this technology. Despite advances across many industry verticals such as healthcare, training, and retail, the most widely understood application of VR so far has been games. With cheaper VR products emerging by the day, it won’t be long before people use VR products to jump into different worlds and live out fantasies. Right now

7 Amazing Mobile Games with Great Stories You Might Have Missed

The popularity of mobile phone gaming has in recent years, but one major criticism faced by the mobile games is the lack of a good storyline as in the case of a PlayStation – or even a PC – game. In recent years, though, it is possible to come across Android or iOS games that have great storylines that make them immersive and exhilarating when compared to the regular stream of titles. While more and more games are designed in such a way that they offer great graphics, only a handful manage to p